Jul. 6th, 2010 06:43 pm
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Don't you hate it when your thoughts are all running together and you end up writing a blog entry about three different things instead of having separate posts?

I make electronic music as a hobby. Um... 'music' is almost too grandiose a word for what I do. I make electronic noises as a hobby. For a couple of years I had been generating sounds with AmSynth, and then one day I updated Ubuntu and, oops, AmSynth broke. So I spent some time in forums trying to find a way to fix it and, long story short, couldn't find a reasonably easy solution, and so gave up. I started using ZynSubAddFX, which I viewed as being OK, but not quite as good as AmSynth. So fast forward to a few days ago, I upgraded to the latest version of Ubuntu and, hey, AmSynth works again, yay!

Except, I played with it a bit and... I found that I actually prefer ZynSubAddFX now.

I've been having trouble getting the statistics pages /stats/site and /admin/stats to work on my Dreamhack, and after trouble-shooting it turned out that the Dreamhack server was simply too overloaded to deal with those pages, the solution was to get a shiny new Dreamhack on a different server, it works great, joy :-)

And I went on an epic quest to buy sandals today. Because it is around 30 degrees here most days and I am in the beautiful city of Berlin and I like walking around a lot, and the old sandals were not really comfortable for walking any distance. I wanted the kind that are basically like hiking shoes, but sandals. I went into 4 or 5 different shops (which was hard, shopping is my least favourite thing ever) and was thoroughly disgruntled by the fact that most of the comfortable, practical sandals are only available in men's sizes, while the women's section has rows and rows of useless flimsy things. Really, about 70% of the women's you can buy border on being torture devices, they do look very pretty but you wouldn't want to wear them. Maybe we should re-classify high heels as being ornaments rather than clothing? Then people would put the high heeled shoes on their coffee table as art and wear shoes that don't shorten their achilles tendons.

Anyway. I got some good sandals, the brand is Ecco and they are pretty comfy. They cost more than I have ever spent on sandals before but my feet tell me it was worth it.


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